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Contest Entry: Aquarius by eyez409 Contest Entry: Aquarius by eyez409

Draw the personification of one of the constellations.

Entry for ~foolserrant 's contest.

I chose Aquarius, since it's my sign. I was going to have my Aquarian character running, like the constellation, but I suck at drawing running people. So I went with this.

My black sharpie is dead now, haha. And I finally got rid of that white out when I was working on this. And I had a friend scan this for me (love that guy :heart:).

And I'd like to say that with a very limited amount of materials, I did pretty freakin' good. :D

Comin' up next: those requests and commissions that I finally found, in order of who came to me first.

P.S. I totally meant for that hand to look like that. :blush:
kid-izzy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
lawl Sorry to hear about your black sharpie.

Good luck with the contest! :w00t:
eyez409 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
: ) Thanks!

(and are you kidding, I had an excuse to go to the store and just grab a whole bunch more supplies because of that sharpie. 8D )
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